Troy A. Lyndon Entrepreneur and Business Coach

July 6, 2020


Nearly 20 years ago, I started a company to focus on faith-based video games. In 2006, I took that company public. In 2013, the Securities & Exchange Commission alleged that I had broken SEC rules. After settling with them, the SEC blocked my access to auditor testimony documents, as they had agreed to provide in our settlement agreement. I’ve since learned their unwillingness to cooperate is likely because the auditor testimony documents will prove the SEC knew in advance that their allegations were false. This could cause embarrassment for the SEC because their actions impacted more than 4000 shareholders.


Since that time, one of the SEC’s own Senior Attorneys of the General Counsel’s Office granted my appeal so that I should receive the auditor testimony documents in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, now that 7 years has transpired. With that said, as of the writing of this update, the SEC’s FOIA office has failed to produce the documents.


The SEC’s allegations were made in civil court, no case ever went to trial, and the US Attorneys office found no wrongdoing.


I am blessed to have been an Inc. Magazine “Entrepreneur of the Year” award recipient. I have also been fortunate to have received praise; read what others have had to say on my Testimonials Page.



At the time of publishing this statement, I have continued my entrepreneurial aspirations while supporting myself as a business coach and driver for Uber and Lyft.


Should you have any further questions, please just let me know.



Troy Lyndon
Video Game Developer, Business Coach, Uber & Lyft Driver