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Swimming with the Sharks without being Eaten Alive!


After raising millions and taking a company public, I found myself in a situation where government policies and neglect resulted in our stock being naked-shorted regularly by ruthless market-makers. Over a period of years, our stock price dropped from $7.44 down to $0.0001 per share. That's right - one/one-hundredth of a penny per share. Despite all this, in 2011, we released seven (7) of the highest quality Christian video games ever released and extended our reign as the world's most prolific developer of Christian video games.


Then, just as we were ready to take the business to the next level, we filed a $10,000,000 financing deal with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). After all, fund raising is typically the only reason to take a company public. But now that has all changed - just ask Michael Dell who took his company private last year.


Just as the financing for the company was about to go through, one government regulator for the SEC went out of her way to cause FINRA to decline our corporate actions and prevent the financing. I actually have evidence from FINRA in writing. But the damage had already been done.


Frustrated about the naked shorting of the company's stock, I filed a lawsuit against the SEC on July 24, 2013. That's when I learned that the SEC is self-regulated and "above the law" - they exercise their power by intentionally neglecting their obligations to enforce the law to protect shareholders, and they can do this without any consequence and with broad immunity. Literally two months later to the day, the sharks at the SEC, on September 24, 2013, filed their own "civil" case to eat me, figuratively, for doing something I believed and still believe was legal, which they knew had previously been approved by both my auditors and attorneys. The SEC ignored my evidences and went forward with their allegations. There is virtually no law that prevents our government from knowingly creating allegations it already knows are untrue. Learning of their broad immunity and incredible power, I naturally, in less than 2 weeks, signed their settlement agreement without admitting or denying their allegations.


This is America - the United States of America. I had never imagined that our government really did this to people or companies. I used to think people who lambasted our government were guilty or extremists- and I never thought that there was a legitimate conspiracy against Capitalism through the pursuit of a Socialist agenda. But now we have proof. As a result of government regulations and the SEC's litigation efforts, in just the past 15 years, we have lost more than 47% of America's public companies (source: World Federation of Exchanges) - you see, my story is not uncommon.


Fortunately for me, as an Inc. Magazine "Entrepreneur of the Year" award recipient, my lifetime of successes working with so many people, thanks be to God, gives me credibility enough to endure. Read what others have had to say on my Testimonials Page.


And as for the shareholders of Left Behind Games, they will either receive shares or a portion of product sales revenue from my new company, Inspired Games. I have succeeded at nearly everything I've ever done throughout my life - and the lessons I've learned have made me stronger and hopefully, wiser.


Thanks to everyone who has supported me.


Very truly yours,

Troy Lyndon

Business Coach

CEO of Inspired Games, LLC

Former Chairman & CEO of Left Behind Games Inc.



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